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Patapon: Uberhero Party is a series created by Karamato Shiryarto (aka KaramatoCrane)about the Uberheros that have transported from Pata-pole to Star Islands and have adapted there ever since. The story revolves around Yarida, Charibassa,Grenburr,Yumiyacha, and Taterzay as they adapt to Star Islands with their fellow Uberheros and Patapons.

Main CharactersEdit

Yarida- A Yaripon who really enjoys fishing. He has a major crush on the Princess Chara (Patapon Princess). He has a older sister named Doreen. His best friend is Charibassa, but they fight a lot.

Charibassa- A Toripon (or a Rarepon) who loves hot dogs. He has some sort of relationship with Yarida's older sister Doreen, even though many Patapons says Princess Chara has a crush on him. He is best friends with Yarida. He and Grenburr fight for the title of "The Ulimate Uberhero". He has a little sister named Purin.

Grenburr- A Tatepon (or Rarepon) who loves being praised as "The Ulimate Uberhero". He enjoys pranking Charibassa, even if he has to take the risk to get in trouble by Princess Chara. He has a little crush on Princess Chara, as he is seen flirting with her sometimes.

Yumiyacha- A Yumipon who is very confident and has perfect aim on his targets. He is the peacemaker between Charibassa and Yarida. Unlike the other Uberheroes (exculding Charibassa), he does not have a crush on Princess Chara, but might as well be her childhood friend.

Bowmunk- A calm Robopon who loves plants (that are not evil) and peace within the Patapons. He is very secure, but has a nasty temper when Destrobo destroys everything he makes or grows. He is very shy, as his shy side shows when he is near Princess Chara.

Destrobo- A Robopon who likes boxing. He likes destoying what Bowmunk makes and often gets a lashing from Princess Chara. He has a crush on Princess Chara and enjoys getting a lashing from her.

Minor CharactersEdit

Doreen- The older sister of Yarida. She has a crush on Charibassa, even though she won't admit it. She is a skilled Yaripon, just like her brother Yarida. She keeps an eye for Princess Chara, trying to make sure she doesn't steal Charibassa from her, which makes Charibassa suscpious of her.

Princess Chara- The Princess of the Patapons She has a major crush on Charibassa, even though he doesn't notice her feelings.She tries everything to make Charibassa marry her or fall in love with her, but she always fails. She gets love letters from every Uberhero (except for Yumiyacha and Charibassa) and wishes she could recieve a love letter from Charibassa. She is a love rival of Doreen, which they both fight for Charibassa's affections.

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